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Newsletter,  May 2009



This is the Annual Report from Beni Mirauta, General Manager of Asociatia Neemia in Romania. It is accompanied by a situation snapshot featuring some of the 1,650 families and individuals that have been helped during the past year. Both of these documents are available in printer-friendly format by following the links at the foot of the page.

The whole activity of Asociatia Neemia during the year 2008 has been developed following especially the target and main objective of helping more families in a more efficient way and trying to minimize running costs. All the things that have been achieved during this year are because of the support given to Asociatia Neemia by The Romanian Aid Foundation (Horley & Lampeter) and by all who contributed financially or with goods for the charity. We are grateful too for the goods received directly from DATO and Hands of Hope Isle of Man. Many thanks to you all!

For many families from this area of Romania the year 2008 has seen a bigger disappointment and decline from their wealth and economical point of view. Many families here have got deeper in poverty and others in big debts because of the lack of support, money or jobs. Many families from those who worked in Italy or Spain lost their jobs there; they come back home in Romania where nothing better is waiting for them and there is less hope for them to receive anything.

In these conditions the role of our charity was very important, thinking about the big number of families who benefited from our work. Our help has been addressed especially to the families who do not have any form of income, families with many children, old people, widows, orphans, other families who need support and do not receive from any other organisation, other people who need support to integrate them into society, people with medical problems, youngsters who come out from homes and orphanages where nobody has taught them about adult life and they need our help, etc. Also other new families were registered this year along with those who were already registered before.

Fine view - no facilities  Food preparation area  No drainage

During the year 2008 the number of families or individuals that we helped rose to about 1,650, of which 200 were new families. We made about 3,500 donations, which means that most of these people have received help at least two times per year. Also a very important thing was the great joy brought to many children and families through the 2,200 shoeboxes distributed during Christmas time.

We collaborate on many occasions with other charities and churches in the area where we help. Also we collaborate with the Town Hall, several hospitals in the area, orphanages, some schools and kindergartens which we help with goods when it is possible. In particular, we have a very important strong relationship with the charity Centre of Hope, an organisation that we have worked with for many years, this collaboration being beneficial for both charities. 

A very important thing for Ionela and me personally was that the charity offered us the possibility to finish our studies at the university and to complete our qualification for the jobs we do. We thank you very much for that.

AN teamThe Office

This is the place where we do the main activity of the charity. It is open to the public from 09:00 to 15:30, Mondays to Fridays. The families that we help come here to be registered and to discuss their problems with us. 

In this office are Maria and myself who register and interview people who are going to be helped, Laurentiu who is repairing and fixing computers or other electrical goods ready to be donated, he also repairs computers which have been donated and have problems afterwards, plus Ionela (part of her time), who is keeping the accounts and other paperwork of AN. 

Here are brought the goods for being offered to families who are registered for that day, as well as goods which will be donated without a preliminary registration. In many situations it is necessary for the goods to be taken to people's homes by Cornelius or Iulian using the van.

The Warehouse

In this place we unload and store the goods which are sent from Great Britain for Asociatia Neemia; it has an area of about 400 square metres laid out on two floors. The work at the warehouse starts at 08.00 until 16.00. Here Cornelius and Iulian prepare the boxes for the families registered for that day. 

We managed with our resources last year to repair and improve a part of the top floor, which enables us to store more of the goods that we receive, in better conditions. There are more repairs which need to be made during 2009, but these will be made according with the financial allowance of AN. 

We harvested an impressive quantity of corn last autumn which we started to take to a corn mill for making flour and then to donate it to families.

A delivery from the UK    Donations ready for distribution    Preparing the warehouse field

The Shop

Valeria and Elena work here as saleswomen; they prepare the clothes, ironing them and putting them on hangers, then displaying them in the shop and dealing with the customers. Ionela sorts the clothes which are suitable to be sold and also decides and attaches the price. Cornelius and Iulian are involved two or three days per week for a couple of hours per day in the activity in the shop, bringing goods from the warehouse and sorting out the clothes which are suitable for donation or for being sold. 

During the year 2008 we were able to maintain a small reserve of clothes, which helped us in supplying the shop with something fresh all the time. There are now a few other second hand shops in the town which are bringing clothes from Germany or other countries in Europe, and the competition is growing, but we are very pleased that we could keep the income at this level up to now using just about 10% from the goods we received.

Elena preparing shop items  Shop sales area  Potential customer browsing

Helping Here

In July, the area near the border with Ukraine, to the north east of Dorohoi, was hit by severe flooding. Because we already had tinned food and dry clothing in our warehouse, we were able to make immediate donations to the Social Department relief work and to make some visits to people affected to give them help directly.

Also, because of our knowledge of the area and our good relationships with many local authorities, traders and other organisations, we have been able to help other people who want to do projects in this area.

Flood water receding  Partially collapsed house  New house under construction

SummaryBeni in the AN office

The income from the shop during the year 2008 was very good. With the money from the shop and some direct donations we managed to cover all the necessary expenses for running Asociatia Neemia. From the financial point of view we tried to maintain a balance between the income and expenses, we tried to minimise the administrative expenses and kept almost to the minimum any increases in the wages of the employees.

We havenít accumulated any debts, we have paid on time the wages of our eight employees and all our bills; we also had resources to help many families with money for different needs: food, wood for heating, electricity bills, medicine, rent, transport to hospitals in other cities.

I would like to thank you for all the support you offered to the work of Asociatia Neemia during the year. Thank you very much for everything and may God Bless You!

Beni Mirauta, General Manager

Financial Summary (AN Activities)

These tables give a summary of income and expenditure, compared with last year. 

The following figures are presented in UK Pounds.

INCOME 2008 2007 Change
  Shop-derived income ( after deduction of rent, taxes, etc ) 37,592 28,031 +134%
  Other income and donations 4,486   1,137 +395%
Total income 42,078 29,168 +44%
EXPENDITURE 2008 2007 Change
  Cash donations to people in need ( Note 1 )   3,780   2,244 +68%
  Salaries, including taxes ( Note 2 ) 16,320 15,515 +5%
  Customs, accounts and other approvals ( Note 3 )  7,381   2,674 +176%
  AN transport ( vans and staff car expenses ) 6,116  4,475 +37%
  Office costs ( fuel, rates, phones, admin expenses ) 2,088  2,089 ~
  Warehouse costs (incl rent, materials, insurance) ( Note 4 ) 1,193    362 +229%
  Miscellaneous  ( not included above )    489    584 -17%
Total expenditure 37,367 27,943 +36%
  Balance of income over expenditure +4,711 +1,225 +285%


1.    Cash donations to people in need have increased by nearly 70%. (This is in addition to AN's main activity of donating clothing, food, etc, to those in need.) 

2.    Direct salary costs have stabilised following last year's 30% increase. 

3.    There has been a substantial rise in taxation, charges and the costs of obtaining statutory approvals. 

4.    Increased warehouse costs include the maintenance and improvements undertaken during the year.

Many thanks to all those who have made donations of time, goods and money to help this work continue.

This newsletter is published on behalf of the Romanian Aid Foundation and Asociatia Neemia.  For further information or to be added to the newsletter mailing list please use our response page or write to us using the contact details below: 

The Romanian Aid Foundation

179 Albert Road, Horley, Surrey RH6 7HS  or  Oaklea, Temple Bar, Lampeter, Ceredigion, SA48 8BQ

The Romanian Aid Foundation is UK Registered Charity No. 1060828. 


Asociatia Neemia

Str Spiru Haret nr 9, Dorohoi, Botosani, Romania.

This newsletter is  © Romanian Aid Foundation, May 2009.  

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