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November 1999 RoAF Newsletter

Beni reports from Dorohoi ...

October was a month with much work in all the projects we are involved in. Ionela and Laurentiu have helped me a lot. We spent many hours every day at the warehouse, sorting clothes and things for families; in the month we have delivered about 20% of the things from the warehouse. We bought some food for the Boys' Home, and passed on the things that were for Old People's Home - the medicine and glasses.

The office is open for families to come on Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 12:00. Each day about 20 people came to the office, and every day we delivered aid to about 4 families. They are asking more for winter clothes and winter shoes. We helped about 65 families this month from Dorohoi and villages round here with clothes, shoes, food and furniture, many families asked me to thank you very much.

Beni at work

Beni in our Dorohoi office

Another one of the items that many people asked for was detergents, for washing their clothes and bedding, it is very expensive here and it would be very good if you will could get some to bring in May next year. This would be very helpful for people here.

The social services office at the Town Hall sent some people to our office with some special needs that we were able to help. We gave some boxes of clothes, shoes and winter clothes to that office for some families who are in need.

I have changed some parts of the van, to mend the heating. Because I haven't any piston rings for the van, I have arranged to change the engine for the one that came in the lorry. The van now is in the garage and I expect that it will be ready soon. In the meantime I use Laurentiu's car. The PECO* men ploughed all our land at the warehouse for free. The herbicide needs to be put in the spring. Now would be good time to put in some fertiliser which would cost about 50$.

I'm very excited about the things which are happening in England, especially the concert, it's a great idea.

* PECO - the motel adjoining our warehouse at Dealu Mare

Project updates: …

As part of its vision RoAF recognises the need to monitor and assess all its projects to ensure that both funds and effort are being properly used. During our September visit we were able to return to several earlier projects to get up-to-date news and to see if more help is needed.


In 1994 we delivered and assembled a climbing frame system at Havarna Kindergarten. The equipment had been made and donated by a Christian organisation in Robertsbridge, Sussex. We were delighted to see that after 5 years of use it was still in excellent condition, with the only deterioration being in the gymnastic mats. We hope to be able to replace these and provide some more carpeting, together with a first-aid kit and other school materials. Havarna Kindergarten
  • Havarna Kindergarten, 1999


Also in 1994 we were able to help Havarna Clinic with furniture and medical equipment. Once about to be abandoned, this clinic now provides family doctor services to a potential 20,000 people in Havarna and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, emergency cases still have to be referred to Dorohoi, a 20km bus ride. Havarva Clinic
  • Havarna Clinic, 1994


More recently we have been able to take furniture, toys and other materials to Girbeni Kindergarten. Following this, state funding has been made available to repair the building and as a result of the improved facilities the number of children attending has more than doubled. Girbeni Kindergarten
  • Girbeni Kindergarten, 1999


Dates for your Diaries

  • RoAF Supporters' Conference

Saturday 5th February 2000, Three Bridges Free Church, 10am-4pm

This is the first of what we intend to be annual conferences. The day will be split into seminars, and will be a time to find out what our work currenty involves, and an opportunity to have a say in the areas we are moving into.

We would encourage anyone interested in our work to make the effort and come to this one special day in the year.
More details later...

  • RoAF Choral Concert

An evening of music at the superb Hawth concert hall in Crawley on Saturday 22nd July 2000.

We have a choir coming specially from Leeds for the evening, as well as other soloists.

This will be a great night out, so make sure you're free that evening!

Dana and Beni discuss the wedding hire venture ...

Thank you for the photos of wedding dresses you sent us. We looked at them and consider that they are nice and good for hiring. At the moment we did not find a shop to rent which would be suitable for what we need. The shops are very expensive to rent here. We thought that it would be too expensive to have a shop at the beginning when the venture might not generate enough money to pay the rent. There is another suggestion that sounds better to start with. Dana's father-in-law's house (which is close to the town centre) has a large room at the front of the house. We can use that room and we may advertise from that address. We've planned to go to Iasi next week to see a wedding hire shop there.


Jon adds …

We already have several racks full of wedding dresses, plus other formal garments such as bridesmaids' dresses, evening wear, hats and gentlemen's suits. We hope to launch this venture formally in the Spring and Christine Jeavons, our costumier, would like to hear from anyone who is able to donate more outfits of a similar nature.

PE02322_.gif (3847 bytes)


Laurentiu writes about Birotica Neemia ...

This department started a little bit slowly, as any business just beginning.

I repaired and prepared for sale 10 typewriters, 2 televisions, 4 irons, many telephone units, printers, 1 monitor, and 1 computer. In doing that I spent some money but I have started to sell them now. The people are interested in buying good items. There are people who want to buy things from us but they want to pay by 3 or 4 instalments making it easier to pay. We have agreed to make this facility available to the people that we trust.

I need some ribbons for the Olivetti typewriters, model ET111, if you have something in the warehouse that would be very good.

We hope that next month it will go better.


A reminder of the mobile numbers: Jon 07971-071222 or Beni (in Romania) 00-40-94-198068


This Month's Prayer Link

There are many prayer requests this month. For reasons of space we have produced a separate prayer sheet, which is available on request from the usual address. Remember, if you can think about it you can pray about it!

  • Please pray for Beni and the new trustee Laurentiu as they establish new patterns of working together and as they react to the effectes of another visit from Britain.
  • Pray for Ionela as December draws closer, and for Beni as he gets the nursery ready for the new arrival!
Here is a selection from this month’s requests :
  • Pray for the single-parent family in Arborea. There are 4 young children and a teenage boy who is disobedient. The mother attends church but they all need to commit their lives to Jesus Christ.
  • The Churches at Stinca and Arborea are planning evangelistic missions in December. Pray for those involved, Pastor Josif, the elders and members of the Churches. Pray too for a spiritual revival in Dorohoi
  • Pray for those who are suffering ill health, family problems or personal difficulties. Pray for those who are trying to help and support these people.
  • Pray for a new pastor in the Negreni area near to Botosani. Give thanks for the spiritual growth that there has been in that area and pray that it will continue.

Remember to give thanks to God for the response to previous prayer requests.

Please remember to pray for the special home events being arranged for next year. There is a lot of work involved in organising both of these events:
  • The RoAF Supporters’ Conference – 5th February 2000
  • The RoAF Choral Concert – 22nd July 2000

Remember too that it’s not too early to pray about next year’s trips to Romania.

The three visitors from Hand-in-Hand (Helen Roe, Laura Stratton and Catherine Griffin) would like us to pray for the following:
  • The adoption of Luminita – Helen’s parents have been trying for a long time to adopt her but the process is very slow.
  • Pray for Ovidiu – he is in England at present for treatment but his natural mother will not sign for his adoption even though she is not interested in him.
  • Pray for more opportunities for them to get involved in any work whilst they are in Romania.

Give thanks for the improved conditions at Desca orphanage and the wonderful work that Hand-in-Hand has been doing there.


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