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Priority Items for Romania


The list below indicates items that are acceptable to the Romanian authorities 

and which meet the priority needs of the people that we are helping -

All items must be in a clean and serviceable condition        


Condition or quality



All types of clothing for children and adults, excluding second-hand underwear.

Would you wear it yourself? The Romanian climate is more severe than ours and we have limited facilities for washing or repairing garments.

No second-hand underwear or socks.

Second-hand clothing for children under 12 months must be separately wrapped.

New, wrapped items of underwear and babywear are welcome.


In 'as-new' condition.

Not more than 30% visible wear.

Bedding, including duvets, pillows and blankets.

Clean and in good condition.


Sewing Material:

Wool, knitting needles,

Sewing items

Suitable for making garments or household furnishings.

Offcuts of material and odd balls of wool are also useful for our quilting or knitting groups.

The items above can be taken to the Friday packing sessions or to the warehouse; items below should be delivered directly to the warehouse.

Beds and Mattresses:

Single beds, Futons,


Clean and in good condition.

Limited demand for double beds but convertible bed-settees are very popular. Also cots, children's beds and bunks.

Toys: Toys, games and sports equipment.

Clean, complete and in good condition. Jigsaws to be less than 500 pieces.

No second-hand toys for children under age 3 months.

No complex language games.


Sewing machines, Radios, Music centres, Hi-fi, 

Washing machines.

Microwave ovens.

Clean and known to be in working order please.

Washing machines preferably twin tub type - automatics use too much water and electricity.

No 'fridges, freezers, or electric cookers.

No record turntables on their own.

Irons, kettles, etc, now required in small quantities.

Computers, etc:

Printers (with ink), 


Other peripherals

Computers must be specification Pentium III or later; ensure all software and data have been removed!

Printers must have ink or toner!

We can now take a limited number of modern computers suitable for school students. 

No bulk loads unless agreed. 

No typewriters or word processors


Paper, Pens, Pencils, Colouring books, Crayons

Suitable for families with school children or for giving directly to schools.

These items are valuable because children may be refused lessons if they do not have the proper equipment.

Household Goods:

Crockery, Cutlery, Cooking utensils etc

All to be in good condition. Household linen including curtains, towels, table cloths.

Ensure that all breakables are adequately packed. Kitchen equipment only, no other household items or bric-a-brac.

Bicycles, pushchairs, buggies:

Clean and in good condition.

Spare parts - chains, brake parts, bike locks, etc, are also useful.


Tables, dining chairs, desks, stacking chairs

Clean, complete and in good condition. No woodworm!

No requirement for easy chairs, suites, wardrobes, cupboards. Limited space for furniture at present.

From time to time, other items may be accepted dependant on space, demand etc.

Please contact the RoAF office about acceptability.

Thank you

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Revised: 06 May 2014


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The Romanian Aid Foundation,   September, 2014.