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March 1999 RoAF Newsletter

The Romanian Aid Foundation functions in Romania through the Asociatia Neemia, a registered charity set up for the purpose of having a primarily local organisation  to represent the Foundation and influence the way in which the Foundation's work is undertaken.  Asociatia Neemia employs a full-time local co-ordinator in Dorohoi.
The reasons for the choice of name are now fading into history but the Old Testament story of Nehemiah reveals a man of integrity, enthusiasm and vision, who was able to use his privileged position for the benefit of God's people.  When the king asked him what he needed he did not immediately respond with an impromptu wish-list. Instead he prayed to God first and then answered the king.  As a result, the king not only granted his request but also gave him the materials, transport and support that he needed.  This story has several parallels with what we are trying to achieve in Dorohoi, using the opportunities that we have for the benefit of others.

'Casa Neemia' is the temporary working title that has been given to the proposed Resource Centre in Dorohoi.  The name translates as 'the House of Nehemiah'. In the original story this place was an example of good practice and generous hospitality, without being a burden on the local people.  These are characteristics that we are trying to emulate in Dorohoi as we seek to establish a base where aid can be distributed and training facilities can be available.

At the time of writing, Jon Norman and Simon Maddox are coming to the end of their week in Dorohoi.  They have purchased the main plot at Dealu Mare and set in process the purchase of the backland plot necessary to assemble the size of site that we need.  The rest of the time has been profitable too, with lots of meetings and an attempt at using the minibus as a toboggan.  More of their news in the next issue.

The purchase of land indicates that Asociatia Neemia has entered a new level of commitment to Dorohoi and the villages.  For Nehemiah, assembling the resources was only the precursor to starting the real work.  Are you ready?

At Easter, Bob Coates and Steve Humphreys will be visiting Dorohoi again.  The main purpose of this trip is agree the priorities for the aid that will be taken in May and to make final arrangements for its distribution and storage.  This includes the preparation of the new building  so that it can be used as additional warehouse space.  One of the items raised by the Mayor during our November meetings was the possibility of establishing some trade between Dorohoi and companies in Britain.  Robert Bell and Bernard Bellingham will also be going at Easter,  particularly to identify products that might be suitable for Tearfund or Traidcraft outlets.

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John Jones writes from Newtown in mid-Wales to thank RoAF for the copy of our November report and the February newsletter.  John, shown here with Dai Patterson from Lampeter, was also in Dorohoi in November and has been able to talk to his Church about his own visit and also the work of the charity there.  Subsequently, the Baptist Chapel decided to make a donation towards the work in Romania.


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The Romanian Aid Foundation,   September, 2014.